R0904 too-many-public-methods


'Too many public methods (%s/%s)'


Used when class has too many public methods, try to reduce this to get a simpler (and so easier to use) class.


For the example, pylint was configured to accept at max five public methods on a class (default is 20).

class TooManyPublicMethods:
    def meth1(self): pass
    def meth2(self): pass
    def meth3(self): pass
    def meth4(self): pass
    def meth5(self): pass
1:0: R0904: Too many public methods (5/4)

Why bother?

In most advice on code quality in object-oriented programs, there is some principle around classes having only limited responsibilities. E.g. in SOLID there is the Single-responsibility principle. When a class has a lot of public methods, it is likely in violation of that principle. You should consider if it can be split.

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