PyCodeQual is a hosted static code analysis solution for Python 3 projects. It integrates with Github and runs Pylint and other checkers on your code.

Getting Started

Here is quick intro how you get your first Github repository configured in PyCodeQual.

Why a hosted analysis solution?

Pylint and other static analysis tools are open-source and can easily be run in a build process or CI. The problem is that you cannot easily set a threshold for failure.

Unlike failing automated tests, most issues detected by pylint are rather feedback for code review. You can (sometimes have to) decide to ignore the finding. Especially when working with legacy code, you probably will not be able to fix all issues right away.

A good approach is to be liberal about the issues in code that does not change and to clean up portions while working on them. That means that you need to see the difference in issues for a set of changes to judge if you live up to your guidelines. That’s exactly what a hosted analysis solution provides, as it saves the history of issues for all commits and allows you to see differences & developments