Python code quality tracking

PyCodeQual gives you insights into complexity and bug risks. It will check your code with its dependencies installed.

Let PyCodeQual do the first steps on your code reviews by checking PRs and making fix suggestions.

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Issues overview

See issues grouped by their type, find the most severe issues in your project or the ones added lately.

Easily determine which issues you should tackle first. Find out which problems your team needs to pay more attention to.

Early warnings

Whenever you prepare to merge code onto your main branch by opening a pull request, PyCodeQual will step in and inform you about new problems.

It uses the Github checks API to show you new problems in form of code issues, increased complexity or new complex functions directly in the Github UI.

Knowledge Base

PyCodeQual's documentation gives understandable explanations of Pylint's less clear issue message. You also get explanations why certain issues are a problem at all and how you can fix them.

Start today

PyCodeQual is free to try on your Github repository. Signup does not require a credit card.

Learn more about its features or have a look at the documentation.

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