About me

Hi, my name is Martin Vielsmaier. I am a freelance software developer and consultant from southern Germany. I love Python and building software. Static analysis tools have always been an important part of my toolbelt.
If you would like to learn more about me, please head over to my personal website.

Why I built this

I started out building PyCodeQual because I was frustrated with running Pylint and other static analysis tools locally or in CI systems. The value you get from their raw output or the integration in your editor is nice, but you never get a high-level picture and trends on how your code base is evolving.

There are quite some competing products that also offer Python code quality analysis as a service. I tried a lot of them and the frustration with them sparked the development of PyCodeQual. Most of the other solutions split their focus on a lot of different languages. You can feel that... They do all the languages half-heartedly, ie. "take the most prominent linter in the language's ecosystem and connect it".

When doing static analysis on Python code, you cannot ignore it's dependencies. You cannot determine missing imports, types & expected parameters when you miss most of the code. This drastically impairs Pylint's precision and recall.
Nevertheless, none of the competing products (as far as I know) offers the possibility to install dependencies before analysis. That was one of the biggest frustrations that I seek to eliminate with my product.